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Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) educates, energizes and empowers all women, encouraging them to become wildly successful entrepreneurs.


Connecting with and learning from brilliant minds in the business community.
– 2016 Participant

E-Series is a 3-day transformative education program

E-Series provides in-person learning on topics that entrepreneurs need in order to grow. Small groups form around key stages of business development, allowing for directed conversations specific to the challenges entrepreneurs face along the path of growth, and creating meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.


For entrepreneurs in the early stages of business and looking to grow.

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or looking to grow your side business into your full-time job, the Nike group will support you in learning everything you need to get yourself off the ground.


For entrepreneurs with some experience and ready to take their business to the next level.

Is your business doing pretty well, but you’d like to really get it growing? Fortuna group members receive tools and mentorship to support the next steps in their business, and help them navigate some of the common issues faced in businesses of their size.


For entrepreneurs who are established and looking to leverage their assets.

Maybe you want to take your company public, find investors, or develop your business strategy. No matter your goals, the Athena group will lead you through. Learn everything you need from basic financial concepts to hiring strategies in big businesses.


Named for the Goddess of Youth, Juventas is our newest program launching at E-Series in April 2018.

An intensive 2.5 day program of entrepreneurial focused sessions, exercises and skill development to navigate the opportunities that lie ahead for women entrepreneurs who are just starting to make their mark between the ages of 16 and 29. After the program you’ll push it further with the support of a hand-picked Mentor for 12 months.

Past Speaker Highlight: Christine Day, CEO, Luvo; Past CEO, Lululemon

FWE is honoured to have hosted Christine Day as a past speaker for FWE. Christine brings 20 years of experience from Starbucks, where she helped grow the company into the eponymous brand it has become alongside Howard Schultz, and then leading Lululemon through one of its most successful growth periods. She has since turned her entrepreneurial eye to a new venture – Luvo, a food brand aimed at creating healthy, sustainable meals for the frozen food aisle.Her fearlessness in the face of growth has made her an invaluable asset to every FWE program in which she has participated, serving to inspire and advise our E-Series entrepreneurs.

“Problems are what we come to resolve, opportunities are what we come to pursue”
–Christine Day

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